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Circular footpath Laze-Jakovica

towards Planinsko polje you'll pass the dairy, where the popular kefir is produced. On the way, you can stop at the renowned ceramist Nataša Prestor's studio, where you can admire statuettes and other earthenware products, also available for sale.

The footpath continues towards Jakovica along the beautiful Planinsko polje, lovely in every season.

To nature lovers we recommend a walk to the bend of the Unica river and to "katavotrons", sinkholes in the field nearby the village.

An uphill slope brings you to the top of Jakovški hrib from where you can enjoy the view of the entire field.

There is also a church and a pilgrims' chapel, built above an artesian well. According to legend, the water from this well heals eye diseases.

The path continues by the speleologists' camp where speleologists from other European countries stay at.

On your way back you can stop at Laze and enjoy the idyllic tranquility of the village, peaceful inspite of the proximity of the capital city.

A walk on the footpath lasts about an hour. The path is partly pebbly and easy to walk. It is suitable for people of any age and for cyclists.

You can buy a snack at the grocery store in Laze or have a drink at the pub in the centre of the village. In the neighbouring village of Grčarevec, gourmets will find two tourist farms where local specialties are served. One of the farms offers overnight accomodation.

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